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Build a bridge to your customers with radio advertising. How do people know to come to your business for your specific service? Have you sent EVERYONE in the surrounding areas a personal invitation to come to your business? How do they know the directions to get to your business or do they know the phone number?

If you don’t ask people to come to your business, why should they? With radio advertising you have an opportunity to talk people and be personable with your information and invitation. You can talk directly to them and appeal to their needs.

Radio is in thousands of homes, in every car, most businesses and radio is on the go in many portable units. Why waste air, use it to your advantage. Radio advertising is easy and cost effective. We can take your personal message and bring it to many people. With radio advertising your businesses invitation will go to the many surrounding areas that you are not reaching now and you will have many more potential customers.

If you would like to advertise with theĀ Ohana Media Group we have four very powerful radio stations that can deliver your message to many more potential buying customers. Our staff is energetic, upbeat, knowledgeable and ready to take your average business to another level, by sending your invitation out and helps in more customers.

We are A-M 700 KBYR, 92.9 KFAT, BOB FM 92.1, OLDIES 102.1, THE MOOSE 96.3 & VALLEY RADIO – Q 99.7. You have many options and the possibilities are unlimited.

What are you waiting for? Your customers are just waiting to hear from you! Call today to let us help your business grow! To start advertising today, call Sandy BakerĀ  at (907) 344-4045.